Imagine a team that helps you enter offshore markets

an extension of your business

with boots on the ground

and the grit to get things done.

We create customers.

Our Mission

International sales expansion for kiwi businesses

Navigating international sales can be complex and risky. Apagie simplifies this journey, providing New Zealand businesses with a risk-reduced pathway to sustainable growth.
Understanding Your Market and Confirming Your Potential
Crafting Your Sales Blueprint and Building Your Game Plan
Working Together to Bring Your Plan to Life
What we do

We're specialists in sales execution

With Apagie, you're not just getting a service, you're gaining a partner committed to accelerating your international sales and driving long-term revenue growth.

By kick-starting marketing and sales activities in your new market, Apagie can help your product gain quick traction and achieve accelerated growth.

Market Validation

We dive into data and engage with potential customers to understand your target market, their needs, and their decision-making process.
Use data to find customers
Locate your ideal customers
Interview buyers to understand them

Sales Planning

Using insights from the market validation, we craft a sales strategy that resonates with your target market and positions your business for success.
Strategy based on insight
Sales aspiration lead
Practical execution plan

Sales Execution

We put the sales strategy into action, implementing key marketing and sales activities in your new market.
Activate the entire value chain
Generate pull-through demand
Plan the work, work the plan

"We decided to work with Apagie as we'd been trying for the last twelve years to get into the US. We don't have the capability in-house and it's been extremely hard for us...we needed someone with that capability to come and help us."

Sonia Kiser
CEO, Carac / TrackGrip
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Despite an abundance of Kiwi ingenuity, the rate of commercial success for medical innovations is, unfortunately, quite abysmal. Learn why being focussed on the needs of your entire value chain is essential for commercial success.

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Make it easy: customer decision-making

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The Perfect Match: Finding the right distributor

Finding the right distributor to leverage your product or service in global markets is a common strategy for export sales success. However, many businesses experience initial failure due to a lack of market research and customer understanding at the outset leading to a misalignment with their chosen distributor.

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Looking for answers?


We're often asked what it is that makes us different.
Are you just consultants or are you do-ers?
We're do-ers. We'll actually roll up our sleeves to do the work in-country with you. At Apagie, we're all about your success. We tailor our approach to your unique needs, helping you break into new markets with confidence and achieve sustainable revenue growth
In which countries do you have experience?
We've done this for 25 years. In that time we've worked in 34 countries from North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia Pacific.
Do you guys do marketing or sales?
We're all about generating new revenue. This means executing a sales plan that converts customers, which often requires an omni-channel sales and marketing effort. We do whatever is required to generate revenue for our clients.