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Apagie was formed to help businesses address four fundamental changes in the domestic and international trading environment.

Underpinning Apagie is over 30 years commercial experience in over 35 countries, including North America,United Kingdom, Europe, Australasia and southern Africa.

The economics of sales has changed

The economics of traditional sales teams has changed. Higher base salaries and reduced at risk aspects has meant most salespeople break-even at best. Additionally, studies carried out in New Zealand in 2019 indicate approximately 1/3 of salespeople reach target. This issue affects the entire distribution chain and businesses must consider alternative approaches to market.

Consumer behaviour is changing faster than ever before

Consumer buying behaviours are transforming more rapidly and buying processes are more dynamic.  Most businesses are lagging their consumers’ preferences and continue to reinforce traditional sales approaches with diminishing returns, yet many businesses have changed their buying processes.

Market access has reduced but itsnot just about COVID

Pre-COVID-19, businesses were challenging their market access costs.  COVID-19 hasall-but-stopped market access for the foreseeable future to New Zealand’s major export markets.  Coupled with increasing nationalism businesses need to reconsider strategies for consumer engagement as the low-touch environment will create space for local competitors.

Nimbleness is the new normal

Nimbleness, adaptation and rapid execution cycles based on insight will enable businesses to grow in the new environment.  We  strongly believe there are exceptional opportunities for growth today for businesses that apply a new lens and are open to exploring new ways to create customer value.

Everything we do is geared to encourage our clients customers to buy more and be more bought into/invested in their brand or products.

Go far & deliver more

Our methodology is based on 20 years of international market research with hundreds of businesses. We integrate frameworks and methods adopted by Harvard, consumer psychologists, and behavioural economists.


Our methodology is based on 20 years of international market research with hundreds of businesses. We integrate frameworks and methods adopted by Harvard, consumer psychologists, and behavioral economists.


We exist to bring customers closer to our clients products and services to create profitable sales globally and enduring business with great communities. We don’t just tell you what to do and then leave – we work with you to make it happen.


We also have in-country research teams that can speak the ‘local language’ and therefore yield accurate understanding of the local customers. It also helps us to access aspects of the market that are difficult to people overseas.


We actually speak to our clients customers. We don’t rely on online research, we get in their heads and the best way to do that is speaking to them. Clients value this tremendously.


We aim to create enduring businesses

that create great communities,

We create customers for you
in overseas markets.

Dan Hansen

Managing Director

Dan Hansen has over 25 years’ experience in management, sales, and commercial strategy. Dan has held senior management and board roles in New Zealand, United Kingdom and North America and has first-hand commercial experience in over 35 countries with many of the world’s most recognised companies. Originally from an engineering background Dan moved into the technology industry in the early 1990s.  Dan founded MSM in 2009 which was later acquired by PricewaterhouseCoopers. (MSM was an advisory firm that helped New Zealand businesses generate over $1bn of sales revenue from export markets).

Dan has significant experience in many B2B sectors including manufacturing, engineering, technology, and food and beverage production. Dan's experience includes growing multi-million-dollar businesses in international markets, setting up multi-national distribution channels and teams, acquisitions, company restructures and managing intellectual property. Dan holds numerous Advisory and Board roles.

Will Perry


Will has worked in a number of industries, from hospital healthcare to running a successful Manuka honey family-business with his father. More recently, Will was a part of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Sales Advisory practice that worked alongside New Zealand businesses looking to commercialise or enter new overseas markets.

Throughout his career, Will has developed a deep understanding and appreciation for the thinking-quirks that underpin consumer decision-making.Will has wide experience across multiple industries, along with the ability to discover new markets, understand new customers, create commercial strategy and execute in the real world.

Luke Woolerton

Marketing Lead

Luke leads our marketing engagement team where they translate the customer research to multi-channel messaging. This can be digital or physical activity to build customer awareness for our clients across the world. At Apagie, we believe the channel or method should start with the customer, rather than trying to fit the channel around the customer. Luke is therefore an expert in using multiple channels to attract and keep customers, from social media, to email automation through to collateral campaigns.

Luke completed his studies at Waikato University with a degree in Marketing and Strategic Management. He also represented the University nationally in his final year, and they won.

In his free time, you’ll find him at the beach surfing or four-wheel driving with friends.

Lexie Petty

US Research Lead

Lexie Petty works with our health-tech and manufacturing clients to connect with customers, retailers and distribution partners in the United States. Lexie focuses her time on executing the commercial strategies we have created with our clients. Because she's based in Los Angeles she's able to speak to potential customers face-to-face, and bridge the gap between NZ and our clients aspirations.

"I'm thrilled to be working with a company that is forward-thinking and determined. I love my role, and the diversity of every day, having something new in store for me.”

Lexie has her associate degree in Applied Science and Paramedicine; with 5 years of experience in the Emergency Medical field. Her free time is just as interesting. She is a published poet, short story writer and has a passion for stand-up comedy.

Silke Molina

Research and Engagement

Silke has lived in Europe, New Zealand and North America so can connect with people from a range of backgrounds. At Apagie, we focus on understanding customers, no matter where they live – Silke makes this happen. Silke can use the language that makes sense to them and bridge the gap between New Zealand businesses and international customers. Silke leads our research team where they identify the best markets for products, and opens the doors for new commercial opportunities.

Silke Molina received her education at Waikato University majoring, in Strategic Management and Finance. She has a background and passion for Business Transformation. Silke is an avid photographer and long-distance runner. As a Chicago native, she loves traveling Stateside with her two children to visit family.