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Don't believe the hype: Maintain reseller channels in a digital sales environment

In this article we explore three key areas that help exporters retain and grow their hard-fought reseller channels, while simultaneously developing their digital footprint.

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Value chain
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Empowering the value-chain, satisfying the customer

Despite an abundance of Kiwi ingenuity, the rate of commercial success for medical innovations is, unfortunately, quite abysmal. Learn why being focussed on the needs of your entire value chain is essential for commercial success.

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Sales strategy
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Don’t downgrade my dreams: Aspirational buying

For marketers and brand builders, being tuned into people’s aspirations matter, because brands that are aspirational win loyalty, premium and appeal.

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HealthTech Workshops with Callaghan

We’re pleased to be collaborating with Callaghan and the HTA to help New Zealand’s healthtech innovators create stronger connections and success in international markets.

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Value chain
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The Perfect Match: Finding the right distributor

Finding the right distributor to leverage your product or service in global markets is a common strategy for export sales success. However, many businesses experience initial failure due to a lack of market research and customer understanding at the outset leading to a misalignment with their chosen distributor.

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