Don't believe the hype: Maintain reseller channels in a digital sales environment

March 4, 2021

1 min read

It is difficult to imagine exporters moving away from strong reseller channels hard-built over the years to a virtual, digital sales - in the short term. It is, however, an area many businesses are investigating to secure future success.

We are seeing exporters actively addressing three key areas. These areas help exporters to retain and grow their hard-fought reseller channels, while simultaneously developing their digital footprint.

1. Connect with your resellers.

And leaders, that does not mean delegating. Our interviews with US distributors highlighted communication (72%) is more important than on-time-delivery (61%) to building successful channel relationships.

Connections and relationships will become more important as many countries reinforce their 'buy local' initiatives.

2. Get ready for channel conflicts.

As distributors, wholesalers and retailers all look to maximise their opportunities and extend their own channels, particularly across ecommerce, get ready for increased channel conflicts over price and territories.

3. Focus on results.

The basics have not changed, the success of channel relationships depend on how much they sell to end-consumers. Consider how you can use sales and marketing resources effectively to get your products into end-consumers hands. Less brand spend, more measurable pull-through activities.

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