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TrackGrip: US Market Entry and Sales Execution

Apagie had the privilege of working with CARAC, a leading engineering and manufacturing company based in New Zealand. CARAC needed help to expand its business in the US market with its flagship product TrackGrip.






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Market research and validation, sales strategy and execution
The challenge

12-year struggle to enter the US market with TrackGrip

CARAC had been trying to enter the US market with its patented product TrackGrip for 12 years.

However, they faced several challenges, including being a price-taker, unable to scale their sales, having an unrefined route to market, not being familiar with the US market, not having a sales force in the US, and trouble with unscrupulous supply chain vendors.

Furthermore, their previous distribution attempts in the US had failed, leading to a significant loss of time and resources.

Our process

From research to retail: Apagie's strategy to Launch TrackGrip in the US

To help CARAC overcome these challenges, Apagie began with market research and validation to identify potential opportunities and challenges. Based on this research, we created a sales strategy for TrackGrip, focusing on engaging dealerships in five states, developing sales and marketing materials, setting up order fulfillment systems, and creating in-store product displays.

Apagie also rolled out email and paid advertising campaigns, set up contract manufacturers and in-country distributors, and developed a sales training program for US retailers.

The results

From struggling to flourishing: Apagie helped TrackGrip achieve explosive growth!

Thanks to Apagie's work, TrackGrip achieved 645% TTM revenue growth and commercial agreements with major industry dealerships across the US.

Apagie developed a sales training program for US retailers and created in-store product displays to facilitate sales. Furthermore, Apagie facilitated "Field Days" for retail salespeople and customers, which helped create awareness and drive sales.

CARAC consistently achieved sales targets and now has a refined route to market, which has reduced risk and generated new cash flow, providing sustainable, long-term revenue growth.

Video interview

Sonia Kiser

CEO, Carac / TrackGrip

"We decided to work with Apagie as we'd been trying for the last twelve years to get into the US. We don't have the capability in-house and it's been extremely hard for us...we needed someone with that capability to come and help us."

Sonia Kiser
CEO, Carac / TrackGrip

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