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Callaghan Innovation: Commercial Market Validation

Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand's innovation agency, is committed to helping businesses of all sizes grow and succeed. As part of their efforts to provide the best possible service to their clients, Callaghan was seeking a world-class partner to develop and deliver their HealthTech Activator workshops.


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The challenge

Seeking a partnership to unlock global potential

Callaghan Innovation needed a reliable partner to develop and deliver its HealthTech Activator one-day workshops to its clients - New Zealand businesses that have an innovative product they want to bring to market.

Callaghan needed to find a partner that could guide its clients through the challenges of validating a market, commercialising a product, and executing a plan to drive sustainable sales. The one-day workshops enable Apagie to share its proven methodology with Kiwi business that want to grow overseas.

Our process

From product-centric to customer-centric: how Apagie guides New Zealand businesses to success

Apagie designed two one-day workshops for New Zealand businesses in Callaghan's HealthTech Activator programme.

The Knowing Your Customer and Knowing Your Market workshop helps clients reframe their offerings from a product- or technology-centric perspective to a customer-centric perspective. Participants learn how to create a Job-To-Be-Done customer motivation canvas, develop a compelling value proposition shaped around customer problems and challenges, and carry out interviews with actual customers to validate a set of assumptions so that their product has the greatest chance of succeeding.

The Sales Planning and Strategy workshop focuses on helping clients understand the mechanics of the sales process and buyer behavior, navigate complex accounts, and develop a strategy for building partnerships and collaborations to activate sales in a new international market.

The results

Apagie's workshops earn World Class NPS scores from participants

The workshops Apagie delivered consistently receive "Excellent" and "World class" NPS scores (>70), indicating high levels of client satisfaction. Callaghan growth advisors highly recommended Apagie's workshops to their clients, reflecting the value that clients received from the workshops.

Apagie's HealthTech Activator workshops have proven so successful the we're rolling out its workshops to the larger Callaghan Innovation business community in 2023.

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