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"I took so much out of it - I thought I had covered so many areas when considering my market and you have highlighted so many gaps!"

Emma Michelsen
Founder, Daisy

"Apagie did a great job. It was clear that they had useful IP and experiences that were of value to the attendees. What I enjoyed was I was constantly challenged to look at the problem differently when my usual biases started to take over."

Workshop participant

“Totally impressed with both the [Apagie HealthTech Activator] workshops that I’ve done. Amazing!”

Kerri McMaster
CEO, Goodair Nosebuds

"Clear relevant and effective strategies for sales. Valuable processes to utilise going forward. Great to get some specific tasks to do in [the next] 90 days."

Workshop participant

"I am writing to express my gratitude for the recent workshop you conducted. It was incredibly insightful and gave us a clear roadmap to achieve our business objectives."

Merve Samur
Product Developer, Manuka Bioscience
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